About Us

The Halcyon

(pronounced hal-see-uhn)

Halcyon Homes is inspired by the ancient story of the majestic halcyon bird whose nature brings calm to storm-tossed seas. A potent symbol of wealth and tranquility, the bird had lent its name to the phrase ‘halcyon days’…golden days of untroubled prosperity and joy.

Halcyon Homes believes in similar values.

In a turbulent market, Halcyon’s consultants are calm in the menacing face of uncertain seas and experienced enough to identify the deceptive caress of still water.

Our Focus

A boutique real estate firm, Halcyon brings together a team of long-practiced consultants with a deep knowledge of the market, passion for real estate and integrity in the manner we conduct our business.

Whereas larger firms are focused on their bottom-line at the expense of their clients’ needs, Halcyon treats each client as an individual, and takes the time to understand their desires and goals.

For Halcyon, real estate isn’t about making a quick buck in a volatile market. Instead, Halcyon consultants match a client’s personality with a unique set of property solutions, to tailor a fit that will last.

The result of its passionate drive, long experience, and inspirational insight translates into prosperity and tranquility for Halcyon’s clients. While torrential markets may force other firms onto the rocks, Halcyon delivers a smooth passage into a jubilant future no matter how choppy the water.

Our Mission

Halcyon’s core values reflect its dedication to professionalism and problem-solving to ensure a stress-free experience for our clients.


Sure navigators. Halcyon’s consultants have the experience and know-how to react quickly and calmly to unexpected rough patches, so our clients don’t have to feel the bumps in the path. Being nimble also allows us to adopt new and ever-changing technology-driven solutions to market and manage real estate assets, portfolios entrusted with us.


Longevity is a sure sign of success and we have been doing what we have been passionate about since 2009. Halcyon’s consultants provide the peace of mind that comes with long-term knowledge of the ups and downs of the local market.


To Halcyon, each client presents a unique venture, an opportunity to understand both people and real estate. Other firms may take a get-rich-quick approach to matching clients and properties that result in an impersonal, assembly-line mentality. Halcyon takes each job on its own terms as a personal commitment.


The hallmark of a Halcyon consultant is an honest passion for the trade which then professionalism and integrity becomes a by-product. Real estate is notorious for attracting amateur consultants who are in it only for the money. We deliver a higher order of service because we love what we do.

We don’t want to be a bird stuck in mud – that’s something we know for sure.