Our Services

Project Leasing

We market the property and negotiate lease terms with prospective tenants. Our key performance indicators would often by speed which occupancy rate is ramped up, project / asset level rental income achieved and sustaining healthy, peg-to-benchmark occupancy rates.

Our responsibilities include, but not limited, to the following: –

  • Pricing strategies and positioning of the project
  • Planning and executing of marketing campaigns, ensuring that the projects we are appointed on are optimally exposed to potential end-users thereby generating interest and inspections
  • Conducting inspections and negotiations
  • Using our customised in-house system to track tenancies for forward renewals / marketing
  • Periodic market updates to our clients
  • Highly customised reports on the performance of the assets
  • Tenancy management
  • Pre-lease advisory


Our appointment need not only be limited to large-scale ones only. We are happy to carry out similar scope of services as that for Project Leasing for clients with a portfolio of varying real estate assets, which can include commercial properties or scattered in various locations.

Acquisition & Disposal

For occupation or investment, we are always happy to present the options available based on your requirements, our business acumen and professional knowledge of the real estate market. Our guiding principle has always been to ensure that, be it buy or sell, we have presented the relevant marketing information, facts, advice, etc expected of a professional. We prefer not to be made to feel uncomfortable, by a salesperson, when making any decisions. Hence, we take it upon ourselves not to make our clients feel uncomfortable too.

Orientation & Home Search

You are new to Singapore. Your friends, colleagues or even someone you have just met has starting giving you tips on choosing your next place of residence. You don’t really want to take it all in but is concerned that if you don’t then you might be in a situation which will take up more time and energy from you in this already stressful relocation exercise. Engage us to take you on home search. For a nominal fee, we will take you to see the various locations, types of residence, and along the way provide you with professional information on securing your home.

Tenancy Portfolio Management

Ok, so you not only have a handful of tenancies within your organization to take care of. You have quite a high volume and you are managing these on top of your regular duties at work. This is where we may come in helpful as we are able to oversee and manage tenancies so that you will be relieved of this responsibility.

What we can help with: –

  • Tenancy audit which will satisfy all risk, legal and compliance requirements
  • Ensuring the organization’s interest is not compromised when entering into a tenancy agreement
  • Coordinating tenancy works and repairs
  • Preparing payments for disbursement of funds
  • Providing advice in the event of disputes
  • Home Search
  • Look-see trips
  • Reconciliation services